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Finch's "Roman Tony Soprano" Bit (3/6/2023)

Watch out for Finch's "Roman Tony Soprano" bit this episode! Your tour guides tackle the news: Charles' coronation, Exxon getting sued for racial discrimination, the FDA rejecting Neuralink brain implants, the Chinese lab leak theory, Iowa attempting to ban gay marriage, and a vividly horny article from The Gospel Coalition about how cool straight sex is.

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Reuters: Exxon
NPR: Exxon
Reuters: Neuralink
CNN: Lab leak
CNN: More lab leak
Forward: Man accused Jewish classmates of creating COVID
NBC: Iowa gay marriage
TGC: Sex Won't Save You
TGC: Apology
TGC: Resignation
Matthew Paul Turner
Michael F Bird
Beth Felker Jones

Audio Credits
Noah - The Jubalaires
Dead - Liadiii
Sunshine (Prod. Riddiman)
Feeling Good – Lakey Inspired
Sexy - Bensound
Chill Day - Lakey Inspired
Elon Musk on Joe Rogan
Gravitas: FDA rejects human trials for Neuralink implants
Monty Python and the Holy Grail scene
Well first of all through god all things are possible so jot that down
Lab leak MSNBC
John Mearsheimer on: The rise of China
The Sopranos: The Romans, where are they now?
KCCI: Gay marriage ban
We Are Iowa Local 5 News: Protests at Capitol
FOX 13 Tampa Bay: SBC
"Would there be a place for same-sex couples?"
TGC: Round table discussion of sex
The Conservative Truth: Pastor Josh Butler FIRED
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