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Alt title: Josiah gets high and laughs at George Santos' Wikipedia page for an hour and a half.

In today's episode, your tour guides discuss the clowns in Congress and also Tucker Carlson getting fired.

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Politico: NAACP travel advisory
Politico: Florida DEI ban
Democracy Now: Florida lawsuits
CNN: Debt limit
Business Insider: Santos expulsion blocked
CNN on YouTube: Interview with Jamaal Bowman
C-SPAN on Youtube: Articles of impeachment
Business Insider: Tucker Carlson fired
Variety: Tucker Carlson replacement
CNN: Tucker Carlson on Twitter
The Hill: PAC to draft Tucker for president

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Chill Day - Lakey Inspired
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Gutfeld talking about NAACP
Ron Desantis, Democracy Now
Jamaal Bowman on CNN
Articles of impeachment
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