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In today's episode, your tour guides go resistance lib mode. Also they briefly talk about some entertainment news, the dumb doge twitter thing, and the tornadoes in the American Midwest and South.

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Pin Cushion Killer
Bloomberg: Entertainment news
Reuters: Dogecoin
CNBC: Dogecoin
CNN: Tornadoes
Des Moines Register: Tornadoes
CNN: Indictment
NYT: Indictment
Al Jazeera: Indictment
Newsweek: Protest Ron
NYT: More indictment
NYT: Quote Phil read
Newsweek: Evangelical reactions
The Guardian: Evangelical reactions
Religion News: Indictment
Religion News: MAGA and evangelicalism

Audio Credits
Noah - The Jubalaires
Sunflower (Prod. Lukrembo)
Sentimental - Dan Darmawan
Succession theme song
Chill Day - Lakey Inspired
Elon Musk on SNL, Weekend Update
Deadly tornadoes across country
Trump guys protesting Desantis is from some Claremont asshole on Twitter I don't want to link
Reactions to indictment
Rudy Giuliani on NewsNation
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